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Título: Summer Contest: Win $25 Gift Card
Enviado por: Heaven Gifts em 2015.07.14 | 09:23:57
Summer, the most wonderful season for vacation. No matter that you are ready for your journey , or longing for your tour while you are still stuck in your business , do you ever feel bored yourself at short intervals. Then, why don’t you take your e-cigarette, vaping and enjoy the spare moment?

To express our gratitude to our vaping friends’ supports, Heaven Gifts now is offering you chances to win $25USD Gift Cards for purchasing e-cigarette. We hold the contest to let more enjoying a vaping feast, definitely a good opportunity to get your desired ones. If you feel like it, enter the competition and give it a heat check.

Time line: From 14th July, 2015 to 31th Auguest, 2015
Giveaway rules:

1. Find your favorite e-cigarette device on ( and paste its link here
2. Tell us why you like it
3. Every participant only can post twice, each post only contains one favorite eCig device link
4. We will select one winner randomly every time our post gets 50 replies
5. Winner can get a $25 Gift Card as your prize (The Gift Card is only for purchasing goods on, non-refundable and non- exchangeable in any form of cash value)

We will select  the winner per round by (post # is the lucky winner) and announce it in our post. Wish you are happy with And don't forget to check the winner announcement per around. Good luck!!!

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Linha do tempo: A partir de 14 de julho de 2015 a 31 de Auguest de 2015
Regras de doação:
1. Encontre o seu dispositivo e-cigarro favorita em (http://http: // e cole seu link aqui
2. Diga-nos porque você gosta dele
3. Cada participante só pode enviar duas vezes, cada post contém apenas um favorito ligação dispositivo eCig
4. Vamos selecionar um vencedor aleatoriamente toda vez que o nosso post recebe 50 respostas
5. Vencedor pode obter um cartão de $ 25 como o seu prêmio (The Gift Card é apenas para a compra de bens em, passíveis de troca não-reembolsável e não em qualquer forma de valor em dinheiro)
Título: Re: Summer Contest: Win $25 Gift Card
Enviado por: AmazingVape em 2015.07.14 | 11:52:51
There is currently a huge issue with ecigs and objects coming from outside the EU, which is the customs at Lisbon.

That is the only reason why I'm not entering, but I wish you the best of lucks.
Título: Re: Summer Contest: Win $25 Gift Card
Enviado por: miiike em 2015.07.22 | 12:00:22

I really like it.
It looks beatifull, with nice colors and design and it has nice features such as Temperature Control
Título: Re: Summer Contest: Win $25 Gift Card
Enviado por: reczero78 em 2015.07.22 | 13:34:16

I like it because i recently buy one,good vapor with factory tank
Título: Re: Summer Contest: Win $25 Gift Card
Enviado por: reczero78 em 2015.07.22 | 13:36:35

i dont know this istick but its look nice.