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Gorilla Prize - our Gorilla Juice clone

Started by Toscana Mall, 2013.09.17 | 12:46:48

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Toscana Mall

Here comes the mighty Toscana Mall's Gorilla Prize!

We have tested this flavor in our lab for several months and the result was much better than we have expected. The realease of the Gorilla Prize was mostly because of the awesome result that we achived but the great feedback that we have received from you for our Boba's Prize was a reason too. After the Boba's Prize episode we knew that we had something special and after smoking our new Gorilla flavor like crazy we thought that it's time to realease it on our shop because we don't want to be selfish and smoke this flavor all by ourselves.

This is a very good quality flavor, you will probably ask for a banana after you taste the Gorilla Prize. This is awesome indeed and we can't wait for your feedback. Don't forget to rate and review this e-liquid after you taste the Gorilla phenomenon.

For 2 days, Gorilla Prize is with 15% cheaper.