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Kanger EVOD BCC clearomizer 1.6ml - bottom coil clearomizer

Started by Ecig-Vapo, 2013.10.25 | 15:03:23

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Kanger EVOD BCC clearomizer 1.6ml - bottom coil clearomizer

Kanger EVOD BCC clearomizer 1.6ml - bottom coil clearomizer

The Kanger EVOD is a superb bottom coil changeable (BCC) tank that produces a clean, crisp vape . It can be used with any of the standard or mod batteries from our site. The drip tip is built into the tank.

The atomizer coil head in the Kanger EVOD Tank is washable and replaceable which makes the device economical to run and keeps your vape smoother .

The major difference from other CE Series and Vivi nova clearomizers is that at the EVOD clearomizers have the heating coil at the bottom of the tank , and because of this the heating coil is always immersed in e-liquid and the clearomizer can be used at higher voltages without to give you burnt taste .

It is compatible with eGo style batteries, or any device that has eGo cone threading (such as the Joyetech eVic). If your device has a standard 510 connection, you will need a 510-eGo adapter. It comes with 1.6ml liquid capacity, an 1.8 ohms resistance and features a transparent window on the body, so you can see clearly how much e-liquid is left.  It is easy to fill with your favorite eLiquids!

How to refill the EVOD BCC clearomizer :

Turn your EVOD BCC upside down so the eGo screw thread is facing upright.
As with all Bottom Coil Clearomizers ensure that the replaceable head unit is firmly secured in place prior to filling. The EVOD coil may be a little loose straight out of the packaging which left unchecked may cause the clearomizer to leak. A simple check to confirm the correct fitting will ensure trouble free operation.
Remove the EVOD BCC Base and refill with your E-liquid, being careful to avoid the center tube of the clearomizer.
Screw the Base back on and set uprite to allow the clearomizer time for the eliquid to penetrate the wick.
Screw onto your eGo threaded battery.
Vape! - We recommend a voltage of 3.8v max to begin on a 1.8Ω EVOD BCC
The EVOD BCC is a 3 part clearomizer made up of:

EVOD BCC Body (Tank)
EVOD BCC Head (or coil unit)