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EGO Starter Kits by Toscana Mall

Started by Toscana Mall, 2012.07.31 | 13:50:54

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Toscana Mall

Hey guys!

Toscana Mall wants to introduce our new EGO Starter Kits!

If you are new to electronic smoking or you wish to try it, The EGO Starter Kits are the best choice. At an affordable price, you can try the best.

EGO Starter Kit - Level One

1 Multi Voltage 900mAh Battery
2 EGO dual coil cartomizers
1 USB battery Charger
1 Power Adapter
1 Ring Lanyard
1 Genuine Leather Case

Here are the Level Two and the Level Three Kits:

The EGO Starter Kit - Level Two
The EGO Starter Kit - Level Three