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Facebook Photo Contest

Started by Toscana Mall, 2013.09.04 | 11:53:13

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Toscana Mall

It's Wednesday and it's time to start our first photo contest for our Facebook Fans. Let's find out more about this, shall we?

OK, so let's say that you are a fan of the Toscana Mall's Facebook Page and you want to participate to our contest. All you have to do is to submit via e-mail a photo of you vaping in public places such as restaurants, coffee shops, street, parks, etc. After you send your photo we will post it on our Facebook page in a special created album for this contest. Then, you have to tag yourself on the photo and invite your friends to like your photo. Why? Because the first three pictures with most likes will win a 40% discount voucher available one week!

All photos should be submitted to alex.m@toscanamall.com and you will receive a reply from us right after we post your photo on our Facebook Fan Page. The contest will be available starting today and it will end in 10 days.

Speaking of vouchers we are glad to announce that we will run a 15% discount on all products starting with this newsletter. It is available on all of our products and it will end on Friday, at 23:59 EET. :)

Toscana Mall

We have the first two vapers (Brazil and Italy) who posted their vaping photos on our Facebook Page. Let's see some Portuguese photos, shall we? :D

All you have to do is to submit your photo via e-mail and the first three most liked photos will win a 40% discount voucher for an order.

Beside the purpose of this contest we would like to have a great photo album with our clients and you can send your photo outside the contest for sure.

Thanks for reading this guys :)